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SOURCE: TibetTruth

DATE: December 26, 2019

SNIP: [On December 23, 2019] The Chinese regime forcibly removed nearly three thousand Tibetan herders from their traditional lands in Nagchu region of U Tsang, occupied Tibet.

Tibetans were rounded up and forced onto a number of convoys which headed off to Gongkar in the South of Tibet.The traditional Tibetan nomadic culture has been targeted for eradication, Tibetans who enjoyed the independence of living across Tibet’s grasslands and mountain valleys are promised a dream life of prosperity in ‘socialist paradise villages’.

What they get is a miserable existence in a concrete concentration camp, where they are entirely dependent upon their Chinese oppressors for fuel, food and power supplies.

Despondency, depression, alcoholism and other psychological illnesses become the new norm. This is precisely the broken and servile condition that China’s tyranny calculated, as part of its campaign to eliminate Tibetan cultural and national identity.