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SOURCE: Vancouver Island CTV News

DATE: September 29, 2019

SNIP: North Island residents and wildlife observers are expressing concern about the condition of grizzly bears in the Broughton Archipelago.

Wildlife photographer Rolf Hicker posted photos of emaciated grizzly bear sows and their cubs on his Facebook pages last week, providing images to go along with reports from guides in the area.

The photos were taken in the Knight Inlet area, Hicker said, speaking to CTV News Vancouver Island at his home in Port McNeill.

“I know of a few bears which, in my humble opinion, have got absolutely no chance to survive the winter, if they even make it to the winter,” the photographer said.

“Worst Salmon run here in the Broughton in history I read today. I fully believe it. I have not seen a single salmon in a river so far. The bears are starving and it breaks my heart seeing this unfold,” Hicker said.

“I’m not here to point fingers. I’m here to show you reality. These are facts. The pictures I took a couple of weeks ago. It’s the Knight Inlet. We can’t wait another three years or four years. Now is a dire situation.”