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SOURCE: The Guardian

DATE: February 28, 2019

SNIP: Australia has endured its hottest summer ever, according to the Bureau of Meteorology, breaking the previous record set six years ago.

The 2018-19 summer, which produced near 50C days and topped temperature highs across the country, has officially exceeded the previous record set in 2012-13, which was 1.28C above what is considered normal. Climate analysts say it falls into a pattern of human-induced global warming.

January alone had already been confirmed as the hottest month ever recorded in Australia, with a mean temperature across the nation of 30.8C, which was 2.9C above the average for January temperatures (calculated between 1961–1990) of 27.9C.

On Thursday, the BoM revealed the whole season was officially the hottest ever recorded.

While exact figures are not yet confirmed, the bureau said this summer’s mean temperature was at least 2C above the 27.5C benchmark of what is considered normal, based on 1961-1990.