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SOURCE: The Independent

DATE: February 22, 2019

SNIP: Icelandic authorities have announced plans to kill more than 2,000 whales over a five-year period, in a move that has angered environmental groups.

Despite a declining global market for whale meat and falling public support, the government opted to remain in defiance of the international ban on whaling.

Whalers will be authorised to harpoon 209 fin whales and 217 minke whales in Icelandic waters every year until 2023.

Last summer Iceland was at the centre of controversy after reports it had killed two rare blue/fin whale hybrids and at least a dozen pregnant females.

However, hopes that this bad press would bring an end to the practice were dashed with the latest announcement.

“The Icelandic government’s decision to continue to kill whales – amongst the most peaceful and intelligent beings on the planet – is morally repugnant as well as economically bankrupt,” said Vanessa Williams-Grey, a campaigner for the Whale and Dolphin Conservation.